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Advanced Swimming: Steps to Success [Paperback]

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Help your students refine basic swimming strokes, master competitive strokes, and discover the art of "watermanship" with "Advanced Swimming: Steps to Success." This second-level swimming book, by master teacher David Thomas, continues the progression started in "Swimming: Steps to Success"--part of the Steps to Success Activity Series, the most extensively researched and carefully developed set of sport skill instruction books ever published. Offer swimmers 18 proven steps for mastering advanced skills. In "Advanced Swimming: Steps to Success," swimmers climb 18 additional steps to advanced swimming success. This unique skill progression reviews and improves the crawl and breast strokes, introduces the new competitive back and butterfly strokes, and helps swimmers learn competitive strokes and turns. Each step: - explains why the concept or skill is important, - identifies the keys to proper technique, - helps swimmers correct common errors, - explains how to practice each skill in realistic ways, - lists specific performance goals for each drill, - gives swimmers a summary checklist for evaluating proper technique, and- lets swimmers proceed at their own pace. In addition, this advanced book takes swimmers through the evolution of the breaststroke, the sidestroke, the less commonly known overhand sidestroke, and the series of trudgen strokes.


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