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Running - The Sacred Art: Preparing to Practice (Art of Spiritual Living Series) [Paperback]

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There are thousands of books on spirituality and thousands of books about running. But few books exist on the spirituality of running, says Kay, a runner, cross-country coach and professor of theology who teaches a college course on the topic. His book is aimed at people who are more likely familiar with running than religion. There's nothing here about the physiology of running, training techniques or diet. Instead, the book is theologically basic, explaining, for example, what prayer is and asking such questions as is there a spiritual world? theology allows the author to address readers across faith traditions. Citations from Islam are one fresh element of this broad religious scope. Practical features of the book include chapter-ending questions for journaling, which are not especially original but are useful, and a reading list. The book's chief virtue is that the author comes across as a helpful and encouraging coach, with a knowledgeable and personal tone.


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