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Pandana Multiplex Headwear

Pandana Multiplex Headwear Stretch Headwear

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The well-respected technical cycling apparel company Curve, Inc., has introduced the Pandana, a seamless stretch headwear that is ideal for nearly all outdoor sports - cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, running, kayaking, even motorcycling. A stretchy, lightweight seamless tube approximately 18-Inch long, the Pandana can be used in many ways, as a neck gator, cravat, scarf, headband, hairband, face-mask, ear-warmer, balaclava, hat, wristband, or bandana. For example, a Pandana adds just the right touch of warmth under a cycling helmet or can block frigid air from a skier's face. The Pandana also wicks away moisture and dries very quickly, plus it's small enough to pack up neatly in a cycling jersey pocket.


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