25 Action Wipes SINGLE PACKS

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Stop offending the barista at your local coffee hang-out. Use an Action Wipe when you finish riding. Action Wipes are created with a clean, fresh aromatic scent that smells like you just stepped into a spa. That's right, they won't make you smell like a baby wipe. They're made with all natural ingredients and therapeutic aromatherapy oils of tea tree and eucalyptus to clean sweaty pores and remove bacteria. They have a mild sudsing action that doesn't require rinsing, so you're doing more than just wiping a scent on your skin, you're actually cleaning it! Quick to dry, it leaves your skin touchable and soft - not sticky. Action Wipes are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic, so they're good for cleaning cuts, scrapes and road-rash. The gentle formula is safe for your face, sensitive skin, kids, pets and our planet too. Did we mention they're extra big and strong too! Unlike other single-use wipes, Action Wipes can actually withstand several machine washings and drying, so you can repurpose them for other uses. So go ahead, use them before, during and after cycling, triathlons, yoga, surfing, camping, hiking, backpacking, well you get the picture.

Don't sweat the small stuff - you have an InstaShower in your pocket, bag, glove box, tool kit... This 25 count bag will help you stay fresh and odor free wherever you go. Just pull one out when you need it and bata bing, bata bang, you're instantly clean!

  • Wipe Size: 9”x10"
  • Packet Size: 3”x5” each 
  • Weight: .5oz each

After you've laundered your used Action Wipes, Recharge them when ready to use again!

Certified Cruelty Free Certified Vegan



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