FOOTbrake cycling footwear

Cycling Gear - Fold up shoe fits in jersey pocket. Saves the cleats & give feet a break.

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For the serious biker out on weekend excursions, the bike cleat is not built for time outs along the road. Now bikers can park their bikes, shed their cleat and slip on the FOOTbrake to give their feet a much needed "brake". Save their cleats from further wear and tear. Establishments really appreciate it.

  • A durable yet light weight fold up shoe that fits in a biker's jersey pocket.
  • Stowed in your jersey pocket. When you stop to shop, eat or browse. Slip off the cleats - Slip on the FOOTbrake.
  • Save your cleats from wear and tear.
  • Take a "Brake In Action." Folds up tightly and is about the weight of a cell phone (7-11oz), depending on size.
  • Stored in a water resistant cinch sack, easy to tote other items with it.


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