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AQx Zero Gravity Flotation Suit

AQx Zero Gravity Flotation Suit

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The Zero Gravity Flotation Suit is specially designed to promote better bio-mechanics during deep water running, cross-country skiing, and other exercises. Built with buoyancy panels placed in the appropriate areas necessary for better balance and performance, the ZGS also increases core activation and temperature, greater range of motion, a sense of security and comfort, and improved posture. Overall, you will gain flotation, freedom, and performance in all of your deep water training. WARNING: The AQx ZGS is not a life saving device. The ZGS is to be used by qualified swimmers for exercise purposes only and should never be used by children or anyone who cannot swim. The design of the suit will not prevent drowning because the buoyancy factor and its distribution are not sufficient to float a conscious or unconscious person in the "face out of the water" position. User assumes all risks involved in using the Zero Gravity Suit.

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Use a bike light from dusk to dawn.