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Black Male Mannequin Buttocks in Natural Pose (Set of 2)

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Masterly crafted from highly durable plastic, this tabletop mannequin buttocks adds the perfect touch to your apparel counter. Mannequin midsections such as this one are commonly used by clothing stores to demonstrate how their underwear, swimsuit, or lingerie will look and fit when actually worn. Seeing this display is often an important deciding factor for customers. Besides, they also add a nice aesthetic touch to the otherwise basic array of folded clothes that generally cover store's clothing tables. The high quality plastic used makes them pretty damage resistant so you do not have to worry about them getting knocked over. Purchase this mannequin tush and give your clothes the publicity they deserve.

  • Complete your underwear or lingerie display with one of our high quality tabletop mannequin midsections.
  • tabletop mannequin - perfect for product dressing and adorning your underwear or lingerie table.
  • buttocks comprised of high quality heavy plastic polyethylene making it pretty resistant to damage.
  • full width - fully sculpted from all sides. The interior is hollow.
  • lightweight, yet sturdy enough to stand on its own. Waist 29 inches, Hips 36 inches.


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