De Soto Women's Forza Riviera Tri Top w/ 3 Pockets and Full Body Compression, Red/White

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This completely re-designed piece is our highest performance piece. Made entirely of our Forza Fabric including the internal bra, it is completely compressive and provides maximum support. Full-length top extends long enough to cover your back on the bike, and is sleek and conforming while swimming. It covers the mid-section and extends down to the hips with 3 pockets on the lower back panel. Form-fitting and extends to the hips to provide ample coverage, even of the back in the aero position. Made of breathable ForzaTM body, and MicrolockTM stitching (see Fabric Facts) provide coverage while keeping you cool. The built-in bra suspended from the shoulders is made of ForzaTM, the same fabric from which the entire garment is made therefore it is very supportive. Swim, bike and run in style and comfort without changing. Made in USA.



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