FINIS Stationary Cords Ankle Strap (Green Light)

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The Stationary Cords Ankle Strap is made with durable rubber tubing and two comfortable ankle straps. The tubing extends from the ankles to an anchor point in the pool such as a diving block or ladder. The configuration allows for the swimmer to kick freely in a stationary position, where they can develop endurance and work on stroke technique. The Swim Cords Ankle Straps aid in freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and kick training, while also serving as a great way for coaches to observe swimmers from the pool deck. The portability of the Swim Cords Ankle Straps gives swimmers an opportunity to train in various locations, including backyard and hotel pools.

  • Improved foot pocket formulated with soft natural rubber for increased comfort
  • New Blade Stiffness Stiffness is in between the red and the blue Zoomers fins
  • Builds leg strength by training your legs for speed and endurance
  • Short blade promotes shorter and faster kicks
  • Closed heel design creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion



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