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First Marathons: Personal Encounters With the 26.2-Mile Monster [Paperback]

First Marathons: Personal Encounters With the 26.2-Mile Monster [Paperback]

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FIRST MARATHONS is the collected stories of 37 runners, told in their own words, describing the experience of running their first marathon. Everything is covered, from the early flickerings of desire, all the way to full-blown obsession --- the training, the food, the emotions, every mile of this incredible journey. FIRST MARATHONS is the best instruction book you will ever find, because you learn from the heartfelt life experience of others. Illumination and inspiration are on every page. These runners are old and young, fat and thin, men and women. Some are famous (like Grete Waitz, Ted Corbitt, and Bill Rodgers), and others are just ordinary people --- all of whom have achieved something truly extraordinary. Their collective message: anyone can run a marathon; everyone should. It will change your life forever.

  • With coaching advice from Jeff Galloway, Bob Glover and Don Kardong.
  • 304 pages.

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