HubBub Drop Bar Adapter

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The HubBub drop bar adapter converts your internally geared shifter from mountain bike to road bike handlebar.  Easy-peasy!

Designed and produced by Brian Jenks for a customer who wanted to use a Rohloff Speedhub on his Waterford Adventure Cycle drop-bar bike in 1999, the HubBub Adapter has become the “go to” product for use with any internally geared hub system.

The adapter take the twist shifter, which ordinarily fits onto a mountain bike handlebar, and “adapts” it to the drop bar.

Available in a 63mm length (for Rohloff) or 73mm (for Shimano, SRAM, NuVinci, etc.)  If you are not certain which hub you will use, purchase the 73mm.  It is “scored” at 10mm to easily cut it shorter if necessary.

Easy to install with one long handle 6mm hex wrench.

Made in USA.


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