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Mace Security

Mace Security Screecher Emergency Whistle

Mace Security Screecher Emergency Whistle

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Mace Screecher Personal Safety Alarms provide a loud emergency call for help when needing to seek the immediate attention of people around you. This Mace Screecher Emergency Whistle has a pealess design that will never jam, stick, or fail when calling for help and emits a loud distinguishable sound so you can be heard at a distance. With an easy-to-wear fasten clip and adjustable lanyard, this whistle is great for child safety in parks, shopping malls, and other public places. You can safely PROTECT YOURSELF in a threatening situation with a Mace Screecher Personal Safety Alarm. Scare off an attacker by attracting attention with a distress call for help.

  • The Mace Emergency Whistle has a loud 125 dB, distinguishable twin-note sound.
  • The Mace Emergency Whistle emits a sound designed to frighten would-be attackers and alert others to help.
  • Ideal for walking, biking or camping.
  • Convenient size for carrying in pocket or purse.
  • Perfect as an emergency device for all outdoor activities.

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