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ProStretch Plus

ProStretch Plus

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ProStretch Plus- Proven Effective: ProStretch Plus patented stretching system is used by physical therapists, professional athletes, and athletic trainers around the world. The ProStretch Plus is proven to provide a deep, effective stretch that increases flexibility along the entire inter-connective chain of muscles and tendons in the leg. Stretching tight calves (both the gastroc and soleus), elongating tight hamstrings, strengthening Achilles tendons, extending tight foot muscles and toes to deliver the flexibility you need. In fact, ProStretch Plus delivers the deep stretches needed to provide relief and healing for Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tight calves, tight hamstrings and shin splints. ProStretch Plus Package Contains: ProStretch Plus Stretching Device, Adjustable Heel Rest & Exclusive Removable Toe Lift, Detailed Stretching Guide, Access to ProStretch Plus On-line Video Stretching Library

  • Unique adjustable heel rest allows you to increase or decrease the degree of stretch
  • Exclusive removable toe lift delivers maximum toe and plantar fascia stretch
  • Larger continuous platform provides increased comfort and stability
  • Engineered to be stronger and lighter making it even more portable

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