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Proviz High Visibility Cycling Vest (Light Emitting)

Proviz High Visibility Cycling Vest (Light Emitting)

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The PROVIZ high visibility cycling vest is designed to be worn over your usual cycling gear to ensure you are highly visible at all times. Including our electroluminescent lighting system, this vest is the first light-emitting vest on the market. When it gets dark, simply switch on the battery pack in your inside pocket and vehicles will immediately know where you are on the road.

  • The ONLY light-emitting cycling vest on the market
  • Includes reflective tape (CE EN 13356 safety standard) to further increase your visibility
  • Designed to be worn over your cycling clothing
  • 2AA batteries required
  • Great for Ragnar type relay races for nightime use.

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Be safe!

Use a bike light from dusk to dawn.