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Runner's World Complete Book of Running: Everything You Need to Know to Run for Fun, Fitness and Competition [Paperback]

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The sport of running is ever changing, be it the shoes we wear or the goals we set, the training methods we use or the role models we emulate. But there is one constant: For 30 years, Runner's World magazine has been recognized worldwide as the leading authority on running. Now, the collective wisdom of some of the most savvy running writers and editors can be found in one book. Whether you are a beginner or veteran runner, here is advice-- both timeless and cutting edge-- guaranteed to maximize your performance and pleasure. In-depth coverage of training and racing, including: A surefire plan for beginners to get "hooked" on running 15 surprising foods to boost your running performance A program to double your endurance Nearly 20 running ailments and how to self-treat them A proven method to achieve a breakthrough Top 25 training advances over the past 30 years Tips from triathletes to maximize your training efficiency 11 rules to run a great marathon A woman's encyclopedia of running The big-five running injuries and how to prevent them How to incorporate speedwork into your training How to think like a champion How to taper your eating, and your training, before a race


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