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SportLegs Supplement Bottle of 120 Capsules (Pack of 5)

SportLegs Supplement Bottle of 120 Capsules (Pack of 5)

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  • It's a good day in a bottle - Bicycling Magazine, September 2005
  • SportLegs ... delivers on its promise to reduce fatigue in leg muscles and keep you pushing, pedaling and schussing longer . - Denver Post, December 10, 2005
  • Taken one hour before exercise, SportsLegs "inoculates" your muscles against lactate acid pain but keeps you alert to early signs of injury.
  • As you begin, SportLegs' lactates have alerted muscles they don't need to produce so much lactic acid. Muscle are prepared to perform.
  • Hours, even days later, you're way less sore. You can enjoy sports or exercise day after day.

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