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SportLegs (With Calcium) Dietary Supplement (120 capsules) 3-BOTTLE SPECIAL

SportLegs (With Calcium) Dietary Supplement (120 capsules) 3-BOTTLE SPECIAL

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Stop acting your age.
SportLegs customers call it "a sports fountain of youth."

Mike Olheiser, 37.
4-time World Champion, UCI Masters Time Trial.
"Take SportLegs. Suffer less. And get better results."

Lactic acid muscle "burn" gets worse with age, so sports and exercise hurt more than they used to. Unless you take patented SportLegs first. It primes muscles with lactate, your muscles' natural fuel, so they make less lactic acid. It works better than electrolytes, without sodium or painkillers.

Bicycling magazine's testers conclude, "SportLegs really works. It pushes back the point where your legs start to 'burn' during hard efforts, allowing you to ride harder, happier."

North Face® speed-climber Willie Benegas, 37, on the summit of Mt. Everest at 29,035 feet, the top of the world. Willie reports, "Using SportLegs, I recover much faster during consecutive-day climbs. Instead of the hours of cramps I typically suffer, which can make it hard to sleep, I have no pain at all. The difference is like night and day.

U.S. Olympic Biathletes:
Durango, Colorado twins Lanny and Tracy Barnes used SportLegs to train and compete at the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. They write, "We've wanted to keep this a secret for a long time because it works so well, but it's hard not to share something that has helped our training and racing. SportLegs eliminates the lactic acid 'burn' and allows us to train harder and longer at a lower heart rate. You'll feel less 'burn' during your workout or race, and recover faster with less soreness the next day. Simply unbeatable!  It's one of those things to have to try it to believe it."  

SportLegs actually works and won't get you kicked out of the Tour de France.  SportLegs helps regulate lactic acid production, so your muscles produce only as much as they need to perform their very best.

Whether we are racing downhill or on an all-mountain ride, we've been using SportLegs for over seven years, and we'll continue to use it because it works.  If you've done any sort of racing in the last decade, then you're probably familiar with SportLegs.  It allows you to ride further and harder with less muscle "burn" or cramping, and reduces muscle fatigue after hard efforts.  While just about every racer we've talked to has had a positive experience with SportLegs, many of them want to keep the secret to themselves.  We can see SportLegs as a big benefit to weekend warriors and riders who have gotten into the sport later in life.  As anyone over 25 knows, the "burn" gets worse every year.

(2008) BANISH THE BURN: The right sport supplement can make every day feel like a good day on the bike. Staff favorite SportLegs pushes back the point where your legs start to burn during hard efforts, allowing you to ride harder, happier. We've found it keeps muscles feeling fresher during and after a ride.

SportLegs is gaining a major foothold in the cycling, skiing and climbing world.  They have become as much a part of my pre-race routine as pinning on a number plate, from 24-hour events to downhill racing. Hard efforts still hurt- but muscles burn considerably less.  When taken as directed and with enough water, they completely ward away cramping.  Consistent usage is not necessary to feel results and they even reduce soreness after a hard effort. SportLegs' less obvious advantage is bone strengthening: Cycling, a non-impact sport, accelerates bone deterioration. Tour de France riders literally have the bone density of elderly women. SportLegs can help you also achieve healthier bones.

(2005) SportLegs really works.  You just don't get sore. SportLegs contains lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium.  Taken an hour before exercise, it pre-loads your bloodstream with lactate and tricks your muscles into thinking they don't need to make more- a sneaky way to raise your lactate threshold and boost performance. Editors' legs kept going and feeling fresh.  It took longer to reach the burn point.  Legs still burned on steep climbs, but were able to ride faster.  It's like a good day in a bottle!

National Geographic Adventure magazine:
REMEDIES: The Pain Stoppers
As a former pro cyclist and current Category 1 racer, I know from sore muscles. To test the latest pain remedies, I kicked up my routine with dozens of intervals and hundreds of push-ups.  Below, what worked for me, in order of effectiveness:
1st place: SportLegs is an all-natural magnesium-calcium-vitamin D supplement. The test: Ahhh! Two pills reduced perceived exertion (rider-speak for pain) on a 30-minute interval workout and on my same- and next-day rides.

When the powder is piled deep in the hills, there's nothing worse than a revolt brewing in your thighs after only a few runs.  Fight the fatigue with SportLegs.  In a sports world swollen with supplements, SportLegs actually delivers on its promise to reduce fatigue in leg muscles and keep you pushing, pedaling and schussing longer.  It doesn't stop leg fatigue, it just gives you more time before you're spent.

The same stuff that fuels your muscles- lactic acid- can leave them barking. You could down a couple of beers or ibuprofen to relieve the pain. But if you'd like to give your liver- as well as your muscles- a break, consider these alternatives:
SportLegs pills, are designed to prevent your muscles from producing more lactic acid than you can burn off. PROS: After a two-hour bike ride- uphills and intervals- we felt remarkably free of pain. You can push yourself harder, longer. CONS: Need to take them an hour before exercising.


BAR CODE: Gear you want for resort-accessed backcountry
Sidecountry good. Lactic acid bad. SportLegs capsules contain premium lactate, tricking your body to lay off production. These magic pills help you go harder, longer, and recover faster. And if mixing alcohol and ibuprofen wrecks your liver like doctors say they do, take a couple of these, and you won't need the 'Vitamin I' with your après beer.

On our radar:  No More Burn
It's dumping like the blizzard of '96 and you're shredding the back bowls, only to be sidelined by screaming thighs. If you've slacked on wall sits, try SportLegs, a supplement with vitamin D and lactate forms of calcium and magnesium. Take a few capsules an hour before exercising, and the mineral cocktail hoodwinks your muscles into producing less lactic acid, which means less burn, more fun.

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