ZONE3 Unisex Buoyancy Shorts

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These unique buoyancy shorts are the only type available on the market. Designed to give an alternative to a pull buoy and give a more natural feeling of buoyancy. They are made from top quality smooth skin neoprene and are stitched and bonded just the same as a Triathlon wetsuit. Designed using 3 mm neoprene down the center and 5 mm neoprene down the sides. The 3 mm provides additional buoyancy whilst the 5 mm side panels complement this by promoting hip rotation through each stroke. Sizes available are XS, S, M, and L. Each set of short has a drawstring so they can be tightened to any waist size but we would recommend the size X-Small for waist sizes 26- 28, Small for 30-32, Medium for 32 - 34, Large for 34 - 36 and XL 36-38. The shorts serve three main purposes:



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