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ABUS TRESOR 1385/110-7MM square BK (3.7′) (48628)

ABUS TRESOR 1385/110-7MM square BK (3.7′) (48628)

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The Chain lock for the simple and at the same time modern look.

  • 7 mm square chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage to the bicycle‘s paintwork
  • The chain is made of specially hardened steel
  • Two component moulded digits guarantee life-long visibility
  • Special touch protection for higher security against unauthorized access to the code through manipulation of the mechanism
  • Individually settable code
  • Easy to transport as the chain can be wrapped compactly around the seat post (for lengths up to 85 mm)
  • For protective transportation we recommend, for example, the frame bags ST 2200, ST 2250 or ST 2012
  • Weight: 1350g
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