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ABUS BORDO “BIG” XPLUS ALARM 6000KA/120 BK SH (3.9′) (62090)

ABUS BORDO “BIG” XPLUS ALARM 6000KA/120 BK SH (3.9′) (62090)

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Scares off thieves with its loud alarm: the BORDO™ 6000KA is the successor to the BORDO™ 6000A. With minor changes to the design and coating, it joins the Bordo family. It has also been equipped with an XPlus cylinder.

  • 120mm Length
  • Abus Security Level: 10 out of 15
  • 5 mm bars with extra-soft yet resistant coating to prevent damage to paintwork
  • The bars and body are made of specially hardened steel
  • Alarm at a volume of at least 100 dB for 20 seconds, followed by automatic reactivation
  • 3D position detection – detects vibrations and the smallest of movements in all three dimensions and triggers an alarm
  • Smart alarm – the lock only emits a small warning beep in the event of minor and brief vibrations, e.g. if a football bounces nearby
  • Acoustic signal indicates battery status and active status
  • Bars are connected by special rivets
  • ABUS XPlus cylinder for the greatest protection against manipulation, e.g. picking
  • SH carrier included
  • Transport position – do not insert the locking bar completely, so that the alarm is inactive
  • Alarm position – insert locking bar completely; the alarm will be activated after locking
  • Loudspeaker with little contact surface – shielded behind the locking bar
  • SH – Lock carrier for easy transport on the bike, which can be mounted without tools thanks to practical fixing straps. The lock is removed frontally from the carrier.
  • Weight: 1700g
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