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Cee Gees

Cee Gees Cushy's Hook Pack Attachment Velcro CYHP00

Cee Gees Cushy's Hook Pack Attachment Velcro CYHP00

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Okay, so now you have your Cee Gees Cushy's. Lets make sure they stay on your arm rests. Like they say "Velcro is not just Velcro" and like any other product it has to be matched for compatibility. Our Hook attachment is specially designed and matched to our pad loop to ensure a firm and effective bond. Pads can be removed hundreds of times and still maintain there grip. Cee Gees utilizes 3M adhesive to ensure a tight bond to most any Carbon, Plastic or Metal arm rest plates. So if your pads are coming loose, check your Velcro, as that last ride on the roof rack may be the end of your pads. This Velcro Pack has an assortment of sizes. This Velcro will likely be better than the original factory Velcro that came with your aerobars. Clean all surfaces prior to installing. Comes with ample Hook to secure two pads Can be cut for custom fit. Made in USA.

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