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FINIS Men's Drag Suit

FINIS Men's Drag Suit

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Increase your aerobic abilities with the Drag Suit. A resistance training suit, The Drag Suit is made up of 100% polyester mesh fabric that is built to resist the damaging effects of chlorine and sunlight. Designed for both men and women, the Drag Suit is comfortable for all body types. A sewn in drawstring makes adjusting and fitting the Drag Suit simple and easy. The Drag Suit was designed to be work over a swimsuit.


Get an excellent swim workout or ratchet up your training session with this FINIS drag suit, which increases the amount of water resistance and thus makes it more difficult to swim fast--helping you to increase muscle and stamina. Made with FINIS AQUATUFF technology, this swimwear stands up to the toughest aquatic conditions, resisting the damaging effects of chlorine and the sun's rays better than any other fabric. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, AQUATUFF swimwear provides the most comfortable, longest-lasting suit available for your training and competitive swim needs.

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