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Nalini CLIMBERS Men's Bib Shorts (Black) S-3XL

Nalini CLIMBERS Men's Bib Shorts (Black) S-3XL

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Nalini CLIMBERS Bib Short

Nalini Climbers Bib Shorts are lightweight and ergonomic bib shorts designed to keep you cool during hot weather and tough climbs. It's also suitable for indoor use. The side panels are made of micro-perforated sport-lycra while the "saddle area" is made of anti-abrasion woven fabric. The upper part features two front braces and a single rear brace, all made from elastic microfiber that's lightweight and soft to the touch. They're also laser-cut without any stitching. The leg hem has a light and perforated elastic that keeps the shorts in place and adds a touch of modern color, which is also repeated on the braces. Technical features include soft microfiber braces that are laser-cut, sport lycra with micro holes at the legs' side for enhanced ventilation, and a bottom leg hem with a light perforated elastic with a gripping structure.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Moisture-wicking treatment
  • Race-cut design for optimum fit
  • Laser-cut openings for comfort and warm temperatures
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-slip leg hems
  • MSRP: $199.95

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