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Correct Swim Training EVA Foam Pull Buoy

Correct Swim Training EVA Foam Pull Buoy

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Improve your form in the pool with a pull buoy designed for high-intensity training sessions. No matter if you're preparing for a triathlon or just looking to enhance your form, the Blueseventy Synergie Pull Buoy is designed to take your stroke from good to great in a matter of seconds.

There's no need to get fancy when looking to improve, which is why the Correct Swim Training EVA Foam Pull Buoy uses a simple yet effective design. Constructed from durable EVA foam that does not chafe or irritate the skin, this effortless training device is comfortable for long sessions in the pool. Contoured rounded edges make for a straightforward fit without any awkward corners.

The Correct Swim Training EVA Foam Pull Buoy promotes a streamlined body position while swimming, allowing for targeted upper body workouts and core training in the pool. Watch your form improve and your time slim down for a swim session you can feel proud of.


  • Made of comfortable 100% EVA foam
  • Measures in at 8.5" by 4.25" by 4.25"

Material: Eco-friendly colorful EVA

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