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INKnBURN Women's Hypnotic Tech Shirt (XS, L)

INKnBURN Women's Hypnotic Tech Shirt (XS, L)

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This Women's Hypnotic Tech Shirt is only made possible by the unique way INKnBURN places their art by hand on each panel of fabric before they sew it. Because of their special production technique,  they're able to design this mesmerizing swirl in the perfect spot to sooth, draw the viewer in and give you the super power of hypnotism... But, with great power, comes great responsibility, so use it wisely to make the world a better place!

  • Dry I.C.E. Technical Fabric (Instant Cooling by Evaporation
  • Quick Wicking of Moisture
  • Vibrant Lasting Color
  • Flat Seamed with Seamsoft Thread for Chafe Resistance
  • 100 Mile Ultra Tested
  • Made in the USA
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