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Human Kinetics

Serious Cycling - 2nd Edition [Paperback]

Serious Cycling - 2nd Edition [Paperback]

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Ride faster and more efficiently with Serious Cycling. Exercise scientists have unearthed a wealth of information that cyclists can use to improve their performance. However, most cyclists have never had access to this great body of knowledge. Now you do. Serious Cycling bridges the gap between scientific observation and cycling performance. It takes the latest scientific data on physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, injury prevention and recovery, and training, and translates it into practical applications that will have an immediate impact on your personal training program. Written by one of cycling's top experts, this book will help you build endurance, increase lactate threshold, and enhance cycling strength and power. Two-time U.S. Olympic team staff member Ed Burke has combined physiological training principles and real-world experiences to make Serious Cycling the reference that no elite cyclist should be without. The training methods and techniques he presents are what the top cyclists use. You'll learn how to • use power meters and heart rate monitors to gauge what is happening in your body while you work out; • prevent injuries and illness, even during periods of hard training and racing; • use proper nutrition and cutting-edge supplementation strategies to train harder and recover more effectively; • make your body and your bike work with-not against-each other, • get the best, most current information on proper positioning and cycling biomechanics; and • apply effective tactics and race strategies to ensure your success in time trials, road races, and criteriums. Whether you're a competitor, a club member, or a weekend century rider, Serious Cycling will give you the know-how-and the means to apply it-so that you can reach your full potential.

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