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1FastCatch Precision Paddle Strapless Hand Paddle

1FastCatch Precision Paddle Strapless Hand Paddle

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Use with Power Pad on Wrist Trainer to displace from hand and add force to wrist

  • Corrects dropped elbow on catch (moves off hand when dropping elbow)
  • Corrects leading elbow on outsweep
  • Displacement and EVF paddle
  • Displaces power to hand in order to power the forearm
  • Intense cardio workout
  • Create muscle memory for the perfect early catch
  • Strapless
  • Touch sensitive texture
  • Hand is free to move on paddle surface to feel stroke details
  • Attaches to Wrist Trainer to minimize wrist bend
  • Wrist Trainer attaches to the Displacement Pad to focus more pressure on forearm
  • No ‘left’ or ‘right’
  • Reduces shoulder strain by training proper catch
  • Patent pending open back catches water when you pull parallel to the forward movement (to train an Early Vertical Forearm)
  • Patent Pending T-Grip allows the paddle to move in your hand for responsive ‘feel’


  • Replaces any displacement or EVF paddle designs
  • Use it with the Wrist Trainer to help remind you to minimize wrist bend
  • Use it without the Wrist Trainer
  • Add the Displacement Pad to the bottom of the Wrist Trainer for much higher displacement
             2 Sizes
  • Precision Regular
  • Precision Junior

Ideal for men, women, and swimmers 11+ years old
Junior size available – for swimmers under 13 years old


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