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Halo Headband

Black Halo Rhythm Short Earphones and Headband Kit

Black Halo Rhythm Short Earphones and Headband Kit

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Every runner has been faced with the inability to keep their earbuds in during an intense workout. Halo Rhythm Headphones and Headbands are designed to solve this problem and keep your tunes pumping while you get a great workout. The headphones are specially designed with a short wire so you can simply tuck your small music device into a convenient pocket in the Rhythm Headband and not worry about getting tangled in any long wires. The headband utilizes our patented Sweatblock Seal to keep your headphones dry and in your ears so you can stay focused on training. The headband headphones and headband can be purchased separately or as a set.

  • Halo Rhythm Earphones
  • 14" (355 mm) short wires
  • Extension cord for use with armbands, pockets, or hand-held devices
  • Accurate acoustic HD sound quality
  • Right/Left marked stereo sound
  • Lightweight high quality aluminum body
  • 3 sizes of soft silicone ear cushions
  • Sweat resistant
  • Works great with iPod nano, iPod shuffle or iPhone
  • Halo Rhythm headband
  • Headband keeps your earphones dry
  • Sweat Block Seal - No Sweat in the Eyes
  • Comfortable pullover style - one size fits all
  • Designed to fit both Men and Women
  • Fits perfectly under any helmet or hat
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