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PVC Swimming Buoy Safety Float Air Dry Bag

PVC Swimming Buoy Safety Float Air Dry Bag

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Model Number: orange, yellow, rosy
SIZE: 48 x 31 cm
PACKAGE SIZE: 24 x 15 cm
accessories: life jacket


*1. Material: PVC

*2. Color: orange, yellow, rose

*3. Size: 48 x 31 cm(deflated)

*4. Packing Size: 24 x 15 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Swim Buoy


*1. Equipped with a large inflation mouthpiece nozzle for quick inflation.

*2. The swimming buoy is very light, there is no sense of restraint when swimming, which does not affect the swimming action and speed.

*3. After use, discharge the gas inside and dry, for reuse.

*4. The brightly-colored swim buoy is a swimming safety float that ensures visibility in open water to increase safety.

*5. The adjustable safety waistband with buckle closure keeps the swim buoy with you and prevents loss.


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