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VibeWired Nano

VibeWired Nano

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Vibewired was created out of necessity by Steve Petitt a 7 time Ironman Hawaii competitor. He decided that there had to be a better way to be mobile with music and get rid of all the clutter. He developed the patented 1" magnetic clip on protective case for the nano and shuffle and the 10" earphones to further streamline the experience and Vibewired was born! Our mission at Vibewired is to completely streamline "music in motion" by providing the most efficient way to be active while enjoying music.

  • Protect Your iPod: Thanks to the protective iPod case provided by Vibewired Inc., you will be able to keep your investment safe from water, sweat, and damage. With a 1" magnetic clip on the case, it is easy to clip your iPod onto any article of clothing, including head bands, necklines, and more. This soft, magnetic case is made from EVA foam and is sure to keep your iPod safe and secure during your most strenuous workouts.
  • Streamlined Short Cord Earphones: Join the short wire evolution with our 10" earphones. Standard earphones can be up to 4' long, which can be very cumbersome when you are trying to work out. The short cord earphones that come with our protective iPod case help you avoid becoming tangled in unnecessary cords so that you can exercise in peace.
  • Perform: Vibewired is committed to providing the most efficient way to be mobile with music on the market today. We want people to enjoy their music and to be able to focus on performing the activity and not be hindered by all the unneccesary wires or where to store the mp3 player.
  • The only Water/Sweat Resistant Case on the Market to Protect the Nano
  • Made in USA.
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