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XLAB Wingman (aerobar storage bag) - Left 2093

XLAB Wingman (aerobar storage bag) - Left 2093

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Can stay in aero position and have easy access to nutrition. Mounts on aerobars, in front or behind armrests. 6 gels per side.

  • Easy nutrition is within reach…in front!
  • Reduces cowhorn drag with a sleek aero design
  • Available for all positions…lefties or righties!
  • Amazing 6 gel capacity
  • Fast access with twin zipper pulls

More Aerodynamic

  • Provides up front aero storage for nutrition needs.
  • Use a pair of WINGMAN for 12 gels.
  • Tapered aero design profile. Reduces cow horn drag.
  • Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag.

Non Sway Design

  • Non slip surfaces in contact with bars.
  • Three extra long straps for firm mounting.

Easier to Use

  • Located within easy reach while riding.
  • Two non slip polyester zipper pulls.
  • One handed Super-Slide zippers.

Smart Storage

  • Can be mounted in front or behind cow horn bar.
  • WINGMAN 'left' mounts in front of bar on left or behind bar on right.
  • WINGMAN 'right' mounts in front of bar on right or behind bar on left.
  • Silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents.
  • Can store 6 gels per bag.

Contents Stay Cooler

  • Insulated surfaces keep your nutrition cooler.
  • Silver interior helps reflect heat away
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