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Army Air P-47 WWII Cycling Jersey

Army Air P-47 WWII Cycling Jersey

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This performance bicycle jersey is made from 100% Polyester DrySport™ wicking fabric to effectively move moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and collected. World Jerseys are made to look as good. The 16-inch zipper is well hidden, to keep the pattern clean and elegant. A heat sublimation process is used to print these jerseys, which bonds the bright colors to the feel-good fabric. That just means it stays looking bright wash after wash. Elastic waist and cuffs keep the jersey in place so it wears the way you move. Three large rear pockets keep your stuff out of your way so you can keep just dig in and enjoy the ride.

WITH ITS SLEEK LINES, nimble handling and lightning-fast speed, the North American P-51 quickly became a symbol of American air power in World War Two. But while the Mustang certainly helped win control of the skies over Europe and the Pacific, it was the less glamorous Republic P-47 Thunderbolt that was the real workhorse of the Allied victory. Nicknamed the “Jug” (short for “Juggernaut”) by adoring pilots, the P-47 was a heavyweight warbird — and one that packed a devastating punch. More than 15,600 Thunderbolts were manufactured between 1941 and 1945 and they served in every theater of the war performing a variety of missions from bomber escort to close air support.

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