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Cee Gees

Cee Gees Cushy's Aerobar Pads

Cee Gees Cushy's Aerobar Pads

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Please scroll down and review our detailed Cee Gees Cushy's Chart to Purchase the correct Cushy's for your Aerobars.

Once you put these on your bars, old or new, you won't believe the difference. Cushy's pads will deliver the most comfortable ride that you can get out of your aero-bars and you will never "bottom out" on a pair. Cee Gees have been the Gold standard for this product category since 1989. Many famous bike racers, world class triathletes and those all-important weekend warriors would never ride without them. "There are those that have and those that will". Hi-Tech Dual Density construction. Washable Lycra surface material. Reduces road shock. Minimizes fatigue in shoulders, arms, neck and forearms. Almost indestructible. Will retain their soft and cushy feel for years to come. Available in different styles to fit all aerobars. Attaches to manufacturer arm rest with Velcro (not included) We sell that Velcro - on our website it is called: Cee Gees Aerobar Pads Hook VELCRO is available. Made in USA.

  • Hi-Tech Dual Density Construction
  • Washable Lycra Surface Material
  • Long Lasting…Almost Indestructible Foam
  • Retains Soft and Cushy Feel



Aerobar Frames


3T Brezza, 3T Mistral, 3T Aura Pro, 3T Brezza II Team, 3T Brezza II LTD, 3T Brezza II Team Stealth and the 3T Brezza II Nano LTD


Cervelo P5, 3T Aduro Bars


Original 3T Ventus Team Aerobar, 3T Ventus II Triathlon Bar, Vola LTD, Vola Team, Vola Team Stealth, Vola Pro, Aura Comfort Pro, Auro Comfort Pro Stealth, Cervelo P3 2012/2013 (which has been fitted with the Aura Pro aerobars with the comfort armrest designed specifically for Cervelo). and older 3T Ventus aerobars

CYAS01 Aerus 1
CYAS02 Aerus TTB, Aerus 2, Blue Triad SL
CYAN01 Argon E-114
CYAN02 Argon E-118, Argon 18
CYBL01 Blackwell Research
CYBB01 Boardman TTE 2015
CYBR01 All BONTRAGER Race Lite Series Aerobars, AND TREK SPEED CONCEPT 9 Series 2010 -2015 TREK SPEED 2012 Series 7.8
CYBR02 New Bontrager X Lite 2013. Will also fit larger Trek Speed Concept handlebars. This style is almost identical to Trek Speed Concepts, but is larger. Think of them as the extra large version of Cushy's for Trek Speed Concepts.
CYCI01 Cinelli Angel
CYOE01 Cinelli Bat, Deda Elliptical, Older OVAL Concepts (Elliptical Shape)
CYDE03 Deda Elementi Alloy and Carbon Blast TT clip-on aero-bars all models
CYDE02 Deda Kronos
CYET03 Easton AeroForce Aluminum & Carbon Aerobars
CYET02 Easton 2010 Attack TT
CYET01 Easton Attack TT Aerobars (prior to the 2010 model)
CYFE02 Felt B-16/S22/S32
CYFE01 Felt IA Dagger,B2/DA/B12/B14/B15 (Devox) IMPORTANT NOTE concerning the FELT B12/DA bikes and FELT aerobars produced in or after 2011 - FELT has reversed the velcro attachment arrangement. If your forearm rests currently have the loop part (soft not prickly) of the attachment installed, you will need to order the Cushy's hook attachment velcro. In order for your Cushy's pads to mount correctly, you will need to remove the loop adhered to your forearm rest and apply the hook attachment.
CYGI01 Giant Trinity
CYHD03 HED Butterfly 2005 - Present, Vantage 8, Black Dog Drop, Some earlier Corsair
CYHD02 HED Bars using CORSAIR pads:Corsair Drop, Clip Lite
CYPR04 HED Round, Profile Round Century Bar and other older Profile models
CYOV03 OVAL 750/950 Clip On Extenstions, OVAL 950 Ski Ergo Clip On
CYVT02 OVAL Concepts A700, A900
CYPG01 Pinarello Graal Anura
CYSO01 PRO Missile TT STRAIGHT Aerobars, EVO, SYNOP. Important Note: These pads do not fit the Pro TT drop model aerobars. They are slightly larger.
CYSC02 Ritchie Prologue Clip TT, Older Scott RCO Style Aerobars
CYSC01 Scott Lemond
CYSV01 Specialized SHIV Aerobars 2010-2011 along with Time Trial models made in 2012 and 2013
CYSV02 SHIV Triathlon Hydration Bike Series & SHIV TT 2012
CYSY01 Syntace C2

2010-2011 Trek Speed 7 Series, 2012 Trek Speed 7.5 / 7.2/ 7.0, 2010-2012 Trek Speed 2 Series. Important note: If you do not see your Trek Speed Series here you may need a Bontrager Race Lite, or if the height and width are too small you will need a Bontrager X Race 2013.


Tri-Rig Alpha


Uberhund Blitz




Vision Tech Large Standard


Vision Tech Mini-Clip Ons


The NEW 2015 Vision Tech Trimax


Xentis Aerobar (fits all models)


Zipp Alumina 2013 and the Zipp Stealth


Zipp Vuka



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