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De Soto CoolHead™ - Skin Cooler 90 Balaclava - 2017

De Soto CoolHead™ - Skin Cooler 90 Balaclava - 2017

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The CoolHead™ is a Skin Cooler Balaclava.   It is a hood you can wear with any top to help keep you cool and to protect you from the sun's harmful rays.


  • Made of Skin Cooler 90™ Stretch fabric that blocks 90% UVB rays, breathable, while keeping you cooler.
  • Full head, neck, and face coverage of forehead, temples, jaw and chin.
  • Pony tail fly in back at base of the occipital bone.
  • Tucks into the neck of most tops, shirts, and jerseys.
  • Wear in comfort under helmets, running caps, and shading hats.
  • Can be left on around the neck and pulled up like any hooded top

What makes ours different?  De Soto's Skin Cooler fiber is designed to feel and perform like silk (from a silk worm).  Through Biomimicry, De Soto created a synthetic silk.  It will keep you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.  Put it on and you will instantly feel the cool sensation.  Wet it and you will notice a drop in the surface temperature of the skin between 7 and 10 degrees.

Skin Cooler 90™

Skin Cooler 90™ is an improved version of Skin Cooler SDS™.  It still has the same silky cold sensation and offers the same sun protection, it is now more durable and more aerodynamic. When the human body gets hot, it sweats to cool itself. In the past, other brands have tried to help that process by developing fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin and expedite evaporation. 
De Soto has taken this concept a step further by using that moisture to create a cooling effect. Skin Cooler™ works by a series of channels knitted into light fabric. As these channels get wet, they absorb moisture and swell, which dissipates the heat making the fabric against your skin actually cooler. How much cooler depends on factors including airflow, humidity, ambient temperature, and moisture temperature. When you sweat, the garment’s temperature drops and creates an actual cooling sensation. Skin Cooler 90™ offers this cooling effect while offering even more sun protection.
De Soto recommends that you wear sunscreen underneath these products. It is crucial to keep in mind that a sunscreen’s SPF/UPF rating refers only to its ability to protect skin from UVB radiation. Because we know that UVA damage can be just as insidious, it is essential for the health of your skin that you use a sunscreen that contains the UVA-protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and/or avobenzone.


NO!  No matter what the color is of the Skin Cooler Products or the logos on the outside, you will notice that the fabric on the inside is still all white.  The reason is that the sublimation process De Soto uses to place their logos or color on their fabric, turns the ink into a gas that adheres only to the outside of the fabric. Therefore this ink is non-absorbent and does not affect the technical integrity of the product in any way.  So the colored parts of the products will keep you just as cool as the white.

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