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QM Sports Care Pre Sports Cooling Oil #15

QM Sports Care Pre Sports Cooling Oil #15

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For many of us, our number one concern when riding in the heat is how to avoid cramping. When you've covered all hydration and nutritional bases, you might also want to show your legs a little extra love by rubbing in the QM Sports Care Pre Sports Cooling Oil. The relaxing and cooling sensations will keep your muscles from feeling tight and heavy. And by stimulating blood flow, the Pre Sports Oil will help you be ready for the first attacks from the start line. Even if you can't travel with your own personal soigneur, you can at least have the real deal when it comes to massage products. QM Sports Care acts as a material sponsor to top teams like Garmin and Omega Pharma. Designed to be self-applied, the oil's container has a tech-industrial look and feel which makes it easy to screw and unscrew the cap even after you've greased up your hands. Firmly rub the Pre Sports Cooling Oil into the leg muscles, allowing it time to be absorbed. Some self-massage oils absorb so quickly that you feel like you're giving your legs rope burns rather than a massage. That won't be the sensation here since there is enough oily goodness to allow you time to get a deep enough rub to loosen the muscles a bit. On the flip side, it absorbs quickly enough so that, by the time you roll to the start line, you won't look like you have an oil slick on your legs. QM's all natural concoction means that you'll see things like sunflower oil and liquid paraffin as main ingredients to the mix. With its sweet, delicate aroma, you won't smell like a massage parlor when you mix it up in the group. The QM Sports Care Pre Sports Cooling Oil is particularly useful when the temperature is expected to go above 80 degrees.

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