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Island Boost

Island Boost (Chocolate) - 20 Packets

Island Boost (Chocolate) - 20 Packets

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Discover the unique difference in your fueling strategy with Island Boost. Formulated to provide immediate energy the moment you need it. No more timing a point in the future when you may need fueling. Not only allows you to crush it and push forward, Island Boost staves off muscle cramping as well.

  • Delivers energy into the bloodstream four times faster than gels, chews, beans, bars etc.
  • It's a LIQUID - easy to drink down quickly
  • No artificial manmade carbohydrates (most use maltodextrin) or flavors
  • No caffeine or other stimulants. You don't "feel" anything using Island Boost, other than the ability to keep going and going!
  • Gentle on the stomach
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