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Range Roller Massage Stick 25 Inches

Range Roller Massage Stick 25 Inches

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  • Use the Range Roller anytime you feel: Fatigue, Muscle pain, Spasms or cramps, Tension, Soreness
  • Range Roller - your massage solution for pain: Calves, Quads / IT Band, Shoulders, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Back
  • Innovative Design: Range Roller's non-slip grip handles and light-weight design enhance control, prevent muscle fatigue and maximize roller performance.
  • Ideal for Athletes: The Range Roller is a massage therapy tool that is designed to allow you to give yourself a more effective deep tissue massage. It is especially well suited for athletes of all ability levels who are prone to repetitive stress injuries due to their relatively constant training routines. The deep tissue massage that the Range Roller provides helps athletes to prevent injuries, aids in their recovery from stress workouts and increases blood flow to any injured areas.
  • Cost Effective: The Range Roller is designed to simulate the effects of a personal massage in a private setting but without the high cost! MADE IN USA!

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