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Super Swim System with Stainless Steel In-Deck Base

Super Swim System with Stainless Steel In-Deck Base

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SUPERSWIM PRO - The original Tethered Swim Trainer. Developed more than 20 years ago for professional swim athletes and fitness enthusiasts, SUPERSWIM PRO continues to provide excellent durability and quality. Easy to set up and maintain (Stainless Steel and Fiber Rod mean no mess to clean up) SUPERSWIM PRO promotes good health and proper swimming posture. Medical professionals such as Cardiologists, Therapeutic Workers, and General Physicians all use and promote SUPERSWIM PRO'S benefits for user with all forms of exercise and rehabilitation therapy due to it's zero stress workout. You just swim - it does all the rest.

  • Provides resistance training for building peak performance.
  • Turn your pool into an endless swimming environment.
  • Engineered for optimal lift and to withstand years of use.
  • Low impact to joints.
  • In-deck base provided for sturdy poolside mounting.

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