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TYR Sport Inc.

Tyr Aqua Shift Aqua Bands - 1 Pair

Tyr Aqua Shift Aqua Bands - 1 Pair

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Advantage by an arm's length. To get a firm grasp on how Tyr's Aqua Band sleeves work, just think of it as a second, slicker skin on the back of your arms. The propulsive component of your stroke is your forearm. By increasing the surface area strategically, Tyr has increased your ability to pull without adding resistance through the recovery. Much like climbing an aquatic ladder. And since Aqua Band sleeves are independent to the suit, you can compete with all the enhanced power (such as hydrodynamics and compression), but without any restrictiveness or hampering in the elbow and shoulder region. Sold as a pair. Colors: Black/Red (002), Black/White (060), Navy/White (408), Royal/White (473). Sizes: S, M, L.

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