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TYR Sport Inc.

Tyr Solid Rash Guard (2T, 3T, 7/8, 9/10)

Tyr Solid Rash Guard (2T, 3T, 7/8, 9/10)

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Getting kids to plunge into the water is a cinch. Getting them to stay in, that's another story. Which is precisely why they need TYR ThermalWear. First and foremost, it keeps them warm and comfortable. TYR realizes that kids are built differently than adults (probably more like a fish, as most parents can attest). Especially when it come to surface area to weight ratio. That means the more surface area that is exposed, the quicker they get cold. The quicker they get cold, the quicker they're out of the water. But according to a comprehensive study done by the University of Auburn, children that played and swam in the water with TYR ThermalWear suits maintained a steadier, comfortable core temperature compared to those who were burdened by more traditional suits. That's because the weight and advanced neoprene material from our ThermalWear restricts cold from entering, but doesn't restrict movement. And you know what that means - "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

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